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  • Being Fit and Healthy Has Never Been More Important!

    Being Fit and Healthy Has Never Been More Important!

    Hey Peak Freaks!As a fitness professional I’ve been promoting the health and fitness lifestyle for the last 28 years; but I never envisioned a time where being healthy and fit could be so critical to survival!Covid variants, smoke inhalation, escalating crime, unvetted illegals coming across the southern border, weather weapons, 5G, and many more dangers, threaten our health daily! Not only do we need supercharged immune systems to help protect us from viruses and diseases, but we also need the strength and cardiovascular fitness to run, resist, or even fight if threatened or attacked on the street or in our homes.Some of the beneficial supplements that I’ve recently heard ....

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  • Does Covid-19 pose a risk to your health and fitness?

    Does Covid-19 pose a risk to your health and fitness?

    I've avoided this topic for a long time because it's a controversial one. Actually, I wish that I'd jumped on it much sooner because I believe that this conversation is critically important and lives are at stake! Since this is my blog, an opinion piece, I'm not going to list the hundreds of sources available. You can take this information with a grain of salt if you wish - I wouldn't recommend it. Covid-19 was a planned bio-weapon. It was patented back around 2001. The vaccines are all experimental and are not true vaccines at all. At this point, they are allexperimental and are not FDA approved. The long-term effects that the vaccines will have on the body are not fully known. ....

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  • Suggestion Box

    Suggestion Box

    Suggestion: Please get 1-2 more TRX 20 lb. slam balls.We miss the 20’s.Yes!We’ll work on getting those ordered! Suggestion: Have trainers reiterate what muscle that we’re working.Yes, it’s beneficial to know what you’re working – particularly if you’re trying to isolate specific muscles.Most of the exercises that we use are multi-joint movements that will work multiple muscle group in the same movement.These exercises tend to give you more bang for your effort and deliver greater functional strength gain.Consequently, there has been a trend for several years to categorize exercises by the type of movement, i.e., squat, hinge, rotation, ....

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  • Squad vs. Team, What’s the difference?

    Squad vs. Team, What’s the difference?

    Well, we are one week into our refreshed and expanded Squad Training program and it is going great!I would encourage everyone to give it a try for a month and put on a couple pounds of muscle while you reduce inches!We’re offering a 30-day trial for our members at a greatly reduced price – see front desk for details. You may be wondering what makes Squad Training different from Team Training.Well, a lot of things.The table below should clarify the differences. Squad TrainingTeam Training Small Group (3-6)Large Group (8-25) Strength EmphasisCardiovascular Emphasis Builds Muscle and Strength Burns Calories, Cardio/Muscle Endurance Repetition Based ....

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  • 10 Reasons Why

    10 Reasons Why

    Small Group Personal Training – Ten Reasons It may be for You! In one of my recent blogs I explained why that Adamson’s chose to expand our Squad Training program, making it our primary training model.I assure you, it’s not because we don’t believe in private training!Private training is our foundational service, and we believe in it 100% for those who appreciate a completely custom exercise prescription, those who love the close interaction with a trainer, those who are training at a high level, and those who have physical limitations and specific training needs.But let’s face it, private training comes with a price tag that makes it difficult for many ....

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  • What is Squad?

    What is Squad?

    Squad Training at Adamson’s Peak Performance – What Is It? Beginning February 8 th , Adamson’s will be re-launching our Squad Training in a new larger, more flexible format!Squad Training, otherwise known as small group personal training, has been a growing trend in the fitness industry for several years.It has been shown to be very effective in helping members get great results without the price tag of private training.Additionally, Squad Training offers benefits such as peer accountability, group camaraderie, and scheduling flexibility! Typically done in groups sizes ranging from 4 to 10, we’ve chosen six as our maximum class size.We feel that limiting each ....

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  • Suggestion Box

    Suggestion Box

    Suggestion Box It’s been a long, long time since I’ve done a suggestion box blog!For 2021 I’m going to try to get back into the habit.Here goes with some suggestions and comments that we’ve received in the last 3-6 months: Suggestion: Please label the bench press bars with their weight.I can never remember.Olympic bars are a standard weight of 45 lbs.There is one women’s bar in the gym which is 35 lbs.You’ll know if you grab it because the circumference is smaller.The trap bar (diamond shape) is 55 lbs.In the future we’ll probably get color-coded bars for easier reference. Comment: I really like having 6:00 AM TT on Tuesday/Thursday and ....

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  • Past, present, and future!

    Past, present, and future!

    A year in review and a look ahead As we wrap up a crazy year and look forward to an exciting year ahead, I thought it would be good to look back at 2020, and forward to 2021.First, I want to thank every member for your patronage this year!We have the BEST members!Without you, we obviously would not be here.Many of you even supported us when we were closed for two months!With revenue reduced by a whopping 75% in April, we were still able to pay expenses and share with our staff in the form of Safeway gift certificates!Thank you, thank you, thank you! It could have been tempting in a year like 2020 to ignore facility maintenance for the year and just make do with the exercise ....

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    New Squad Training Format to Roll out February 1st! We have an exciting new change coming to Adamson’s Peak Performance in early February. We will be upgrading and relaunching Squad Training (small group personal training) as our primary service! Our premier-level private training, our fast-paced metabolic Team Training workouts, and our Basic gym-access memberships will still be available for current and new members – no major changes! We believe that a strategic shift to Squad Training as our program of choice, is the right choice for many reasons: · Personal training has always been what Adamson’s is about - so dialing-in and strongly promoting ....

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    There are several categories of clients that I think are ideal candidates for personal training. In this blog, I want to discuss the largest category; a group that literally includes millions of people - the beginner!
    Approximately 20% of Americans belong to a gym/health club - many of them are beginners. Of the 80% of the population who do not belong to gyms,
    most are non-exercisers so I’ll lump them into this humongous beginner category as well! Think for a minute about any new skill that you might want to learn - fly fishing, piano playing, golf, chess, or gardening. The learning curve on any of these new skills would be much quicker, easier, efficient, and less ....

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