There are several categories of clients that I think are ideal candidates for personal training. In this blog, I want to discuss the largest category; a group that literally includes millions of people - the beginner! Approximately 20% of Americans belong to a gym/health club - many of them are beginners. Of the 80% of the population who do not belong to gyms, most are non-exercisers so I’ll lump them into this humongous beginner category as well!

Think for a minute about any new skill that you might want to learn - fly fishing, piano playing, golf, chess, or gardening. The learning curve on any of these new skills would be much quicker, easier, efficient, and less frustrating with the help of a trainer, coach, tutor, teacher, instructor - whatever you want to call him/her. Fitness is no different. Sure, a beginner can grab a book, or watch videos on YouTube and eventually figure it out; but there is nothing like having an experienced, certified personal trainer to help you navigate at least the first leg of the fitness journey!

Furthermore, there is an additional piece at stake in learning how to properly exercise that the fly fishing novice or the beginning piano player doesn’t have to concern themselves with. Injury. I don’t know how many times that I’ve heard people say “Every time I start an exercise program I get hurt!” Without a doubt, jumping headlong into exercise without guidance can lead to injury.

Beginners, please do yourself a favor and hire a trainer! Getting off to a great start is so important! Most people who begin an exercise program will wash out in 4-6 weeks. I think that I speak for most trainers when I say that we LOVE to work with beginners! Seeing a quick transformation is very satisfying. We can begin to change your body in just 10 sessions! In fact, 10 sessions would be a great starting point for every beginner!

Starting out with a personal trainer should yield the following benefits: 1) more efficient use of time, 2) faster results, 3) less risk of injury, 4) more fun, 5) more balanced workout, 6) less frustration, and 7) greater chance of sticking with it and becoming a Peak Freak! Adamson’s Peak Performance is a great place to start! We have a non-intimidating and welcoming environment and a hand-picked team of star trainers!

I used to think it was cheesy to say that we can change your life. It still sounds cheesy but I’ll say it anyway because it’s a true story. When you change the trajectory of your future health and fitness it will change you in other ways that you can’t imagine. I’ve witnessed it. If you don’t believe me, put your tennies on and start exercising!


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