What is personal training anyway? A service which I hadn’t even heard of until the mid-late 1980’s is now commonplace, and solidly entrenched in the fitness world. When I began Adamson’s Peak Performance in 1993 I literally couldn’t name another personal trainer in Redding. Today, I can’t count the number of personal trainers!

Think of a personal trainer as you’d think of a tutor for an academic study. A personal trainer’s purpose is to assist an individual in reaching his health, fitness, and performance goals. Today I’ll explain personal training using three key words: PERSONAL, PROGRESSIVE, and PURPOSEFUL.

As the name implies, personal training is personal. It is the opposite of generic, canned, and one-size-fits -all. It is individualized exercise training catering specifically to the needs, goals, aspirations, strengths, and weaknesses of the client.

Personal training should incorporate progression. Workout routines must be tailored to the fitness level of the client and integrate gradual progression toward the desired goals. Without progression, workouts will be stale and clients will become discouraged by lack of progress. Proper progression insures that a client is moving forward at a rate which is appropriated for his/her age and fitness level. It takes prior experience, level of motivation, physical limitations, injuries, and a client’s schedule into consideration. The goal is to progress as quickly as possible without injuring or over training the client.

Lastly, personal training must be purposeful. It order to make progress toward predetermined goals each exercise session should have a purpose. Each workout done during the week should compliment the other workouts and the individual workout session should have a specific outcome goal. For example, the goal of a Monday session might be to do strength training for the entire body with an emphasis on the squat and vertical pulling movement patterns. Repetitions might be kept in an 8-12 range for an emphasis on muscle hypertrophy while keeping rest periods to 30 seconds so that muscle endurance is also challenged.

If personal training remains personal, progressive, and purposeful it should yield great success! Add some fun to the mix and you have the ingredients for years of fruitful exercise training!


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