Suggestion: I would love a bench out front to sit and relax! Also astro turf — very scrunchy! We are in the early stages of getting pricing on a re-design of the front yard of the gym. Initial plans are to replace the present ugly lawn with artificial turf and nice landscaping which could 1) make for a beautiful entry, 2) be functional for outside training on the turf, and 3) provide a fun area for casual gatherings if desired. Depending on cost we are tentatively planning this for 2020. While benches, tables, etc would be great, we have to be cautious about doing things that invite non-members to come camp-out at the gym. If it weren’t for that concern, we’d have had a bench a long time ago.

Suggestion: Team Training classes at 8:30 AM or 9 AM on Wednesday mornings. For July and August we plan to leave the Team Training schedule pretty much the way it is. It’s hard to justify adding summer classes when attendance is typically slightly down. However, we are gearing up for a Team Training refresh in the fall — date not yet set. It looks like we will be bringing in a TRX master trainer on Saturday, July 27 for the first leg of a 14-hour Team Training course for our trainers. We’ll definitely take a look at the Wednesday AM option as part of the project.

Suggestion: Please, please, please new exercise for the 5:15 Body Blast class!! See my answer to the suggestion above. We plan to change the classes up quite a bit in the fall. TRX has come out with new Mbody workout programming which we are going to utilize for some of our Team Training programming. I believe that TRX is on the cutting edge of metabolic, functional training and will be a great resource to spice up our exercises and programming!

Suggestion: We need Jordan dressed in a padded suit for our self defense class. Come at us bro! Wow! You sound pretty confident in your newly-learned self-defense skills! If you can get him in a suit make sure you get it on video!

Suggestion: Awesome job on the new fan. Thank you. Can we get another for the other corner? We actually had two fans on the turf area but had to relocate one upstairs temporarily when the Skinny Jeans AC broke down. As soon as we get it repaired the 36” fan will come back downstairs!

Suggestion: Please put a fan in the Punch/Boxing room! Yeah we could probably still use a couple more fans — never enough! This request will have to go on the wish list for right now while we’re fixing AC, sealing parking lot, and replacing one of the doors. LOTS of plant maintenance and improvement going on right now!

Comment: Cody leads great! I find myself hoping he’s the trainer as I drive here on Saturday. Thanks for the feedback! Cody is a great addition to our personal training staff!

Suggestion: Stairmaster/Stepper. This has been a fairly frequent request. It is definitely something that we would like to add in the future as we grow. It doesn’t look likely for this year, however, sorry.

Suggestion: Cubbies/shelves in the Skinny Jeans area to put keys and things. We can take a look at this. We’ve never had this request before and just got two requests. That’s a busy area, it would be nice to have some storage.

As always, thanks for your suggestions and questions.

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