Suggestion: I would like to see a Peak Performance zip-up jacket with no hood, women’s black. Our special edition 25-Years Strong t-shirt order will be here in time for our big celebration event on April 13th! I’ve ordered a few sweatshirts including some women’s zip-ups. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an appropriate hoodless version but I think that these will be a nice, lightweight option! We hope you enjoy.

Suggestion: Would like Skinny Jeans to be continuous and at 6 PM as unable to make earlier times on a regular basis. If continuous without a gap you don’t lose the progression in muscle tone and endurance. Well, we can certainly consider and discuss this as we’ve had at least a couple of these suggestions. During most of the SJ intermission periods we’ve begun to offer 4-week Skinny Mini courses with various themes to give ladies some fresh, fun training prior to the next long program.

Suggestion: Hold a beginner class at lunch every day. Hold it at 12:30 instead of 12:15. I’m sure that you’re referring to Basic Training. We currently have BT on Tuesday and Friday at 12:15 PM. I think that we have to be careful to keep a balance. It’s our belief that Body Blast is still our most popular Team Training class so here’s my suggestion to your suggestion: If you’re not quite Body Blast level but want that group workout, come to Body Blast, scale back on the intensity, and use regressions on exercises that are outside your comfort zone. The mid-day classes are small enough (3-8) that the instructor can assist in coming up with regression exercises and you can control the intensity by pausing momentarily when you need rest. We hope you join us!

Suggestion: Please start a Tai Chi class. Good for balance and flexibility. Here’s a first time or first in a long-time suggestion! Evening slots in the Punch Fitness room are getting scarcer as we build our self-defense, SJ Boxing Boot Camp, and Warrior Camp. Other times of day wouldn’t work simply because we don’t have enough members exercising during off-peak hours. I’m sure Tai Chi has great value but this suggestion may have to incubate for awhile as I don’t think Adamson’s is the right place to offer it at this time; hope you understand.

Suggestion: I think we should build a pool with lanes and we can swim! Sure! Shall we put the pool on the roof or out in the parking lot? All joking aside, having worked at a wellness/therapy center that had an indoor pool, I’ve experienced first hand the brutality of indoor pool maintenance! They say “never say never" but I can say with some confidence that there won’t be a pool at this location.

Suggestion: Could the adjoining equipment room be closed during the yoga class as it creates a huge draft? Yes, that shouldn’t be a problem to close it up during class.

Suggestion: Could non-chemical bio-cleaners be used for cleaning equipment? This is something that we’d have to look into and research. We value sanitation and are proud of our cleanliness but we are always cautious when it comes to products because we want to confidently keep the workout environment as sterile as possible!

Suggestion: Bring in one free guest even if it’s only a couple days a week. We WELCOME guests being brought in!!! Please, please, please bring guests in — lots of them! Our guest policy is that the guest’s first workout is on the house. At times we’ve distributed cards that give 2 Free Team Training workouts as well. We always have some sort of smoking trial period deal available should your guest like his/her experience and choose to give us a try. Usually its a 30-day trial for about half price. They’re risk-free and totally worth it! On top of that, if your guest would like a couple days or a week to try rather than a single workout please, discuss with Michelle, our Member Experience Director, as she’s here to help our members and guests.

Suggestion: Yoga on Friday or Saturday! We’ll continue to look at the feasibility of this offering. I plan to spend extended time later this year evaluating our inventory of services and looking at options for the future. As you can imagine, offering the many classes and programs that we currently provide has a large payroll price tag and really stretches our small staff.

As always, thanks for the feedback, suggestions, etc. Keep it comin’!


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