Listen, I’m no psychologist — I’m a personal trainer. So, when it comes to offering some psychological advice, you can take this or leave it. However, I believe that sometimes getting fitness results means you’ve gotta get a little angry. Sometimes you have to become disgusted enough with yourself to trigger positive change. No, I don’t believe that you’ve got to walk around the gym growling, but that might occasionally be a good idea as well.

This morning I stepped on the scale and I was angry. No, I didn’t yell, or curse Barkelson, my 14+ year-old cat; but I was disgusted with myself. Lately I’ve allowed a couple bad habits to creep in and sabotage my fitness results, and it’s time for them to go! I’ve started becoming a night-time snackmeister; and have been staying up too late which hampers workout recovery and torches precious energy to use on workouts the next day.

My goal is to use this disgust to jump start positive change. Bad habits are counterproductive to reaching the goals that I’ve set for myself and they’re an lousy example to others. Time for them to go!! While yes, ice cream, chocolate, popcorn, and staying up till an hour past bedtime have their appeal, but the benefits of being shredded, healthy, and full of energy for a new day are a whole lot better!

Evaluate your life and your habits regularly. Are you becoming the person that you want to be, or do you need to get angry? Think of one thing right now that you need to get angry about then DO something about it.

Lift heavy stuff!

— Joe

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