Suggestion: More Adamsons apparel options. Lady muscle tank anyone? We will likely be putting in another apparel order in the near future in which case I will look into adding some tanks to the order. For some reason, tanks are much more expensive so we have to price them at a minimum of $25.

Suggestion: If possible a yoga or stretch class on Saturday. I can keep this in mind as we grow — I think it’s a great idea but am concerned that we wouldn’t draw enough participants. Possibly we could have an extended stretch/recovery period added to the end of our 9:30 AM class.

Suggestion: Please add a boxing class to team training. This suggestion is similar to other recent ones which I believe I previously addressed. Giving Boxfit another chance is a consideration, but we seem to have greater success with boxing specialty programs such as Warrior Training and SJ Boxing Boot Camps. Our past Boxfit Team Training classes were drawing low numbers which eventually led to our abandoning them.

Suggestion: Please add a weight lifting class to Team Training or bring back Warrior. We do plan to offer Warrior intermittently, probably once per quarter. Additionally, at a recent Team Training meeting, we discussed incorporating strength training back into the line-up — we offered it 2–3 years ago as Industrial Strength. We will continue to consider it as an option. You might want to consider our Squad (small group personal training) program. Squad workouts are strength-based and last about 45 minutes. Squad Training fits hand in glove with Team Training and is offered as limited (1 x week for $150/mo), or full squad (2 x week for $180/mo). Both options include a Team Training and Access membership — a pretty doggone good value!

Suggestion: Women & Weights class? Or a 2–3 times per month session focusing on good form and basics of weight lifting so an individual feels empowered to use free weights on their own. Although our Skinny Jeans classes are more than simply “women with weights” classes, they very effectively teach proper weight training and have proven very empowering over the last 7–8 years. At $160/month including Team Training, gym membership, small group training, a nutrition program, and a training manual; SJ transformation programs may just be the best value in the house! We also have our Small Group Personal Training (Squad) program which I believe also checks the box you’re describing. Finally, I believe that purchasing a 10-pack of one-on-one sessions would be extremely valuable in empowering you and taking you to the next level! I sense though, that you may be looking for something more like a group workshop at a lower price point. Periodic workshops/classes might be a cool idea. I’ve taken note of your comment and will keep it in mind. I suggest that you continue this discussion with Michelle or me personally to see if we can’t come up with a perfect solution.

Suggestion: Dear Joe, Please 3 ski ergs by Concept 2. Wow, this is a very specific request! What’s with the picture of a cup of coffee? Do I get a Dutch Bro gift card if I do this or are you just playing on my love for coffee and thinking I’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling about buying ski ergs?! I have good news, more good news, and bad news. The good news is that they are up at the top of my equipment wish list. I’ve even received a price quote. The other good news is that they are very affordable and as exercise equipment goes, they are a great value! The bad news in that summer is coming quickly and one of our AC units crashed at the end of the summer. We need to spend $9,000 in March to make sure Studio Z is cool as a cucumber come spring (ouch!). I will lobby hard for your ergs the second quarter of this year.

Suggestion: Please keep the bathroom cleaner. The sink drains have a black ring…just need a good scrub. Okay, thank you. Cleanliness is very important to us! We will check out the sink situation as well as continue to monitor the cleanliness of the gym as a whole.

Comment: Thank you for having Maria’s self-defense class. I am really enjoying it. I’m learning a lot and I get a really good workout. Maria is so upbeat — she really makes it fun. I wish the boxing boot camp was after the six-week self defense instead of overlapping. I would like to see both classes offered again in the future. Thank so much for the feedback — very helpful! My hope is also to continue to offer both. The self defense class is new to us and seems like a valuable service which could even prove life-saving! I suppose market demand will dictate, but I’d like to see growth and expansion in both of these services.

Suggestion: Can we get a digital timer for the sauna so it’s hot for the AM classes. Right now it takes an hour and a half to heat. We examined the sauna and found 2 of the 3 coils were broken. We installed the spare coil we had and ordered 2 more so that they will all be new. It should heat much more quickly now. We plan to also order a water basin and ladle so that it is more convenient to pour water onto the rocks.

Hey Peak Freaks, thanks so much for your suggestions! We appreciate your patience as we constantly strive to make Adamson’s Peak Performance an epic place to train. We love what we do and we love our members! Having members like you makes our work a labor of love.

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