Past, present, and future!

Past, present, and future!

A year in review and a look ahead


As we wrap up a crazy year and look forward to an exciting year ahead, I thought it would be good to look back at 2020, and forward to 2021.  First, I want to thank every member for your patronage this year!  We have the BEST members!  Without you, we obviously would not be here.  Many of you even supported us when we were closed for two months!  With revenue reduced by a whopping 75% in April, we were still able to pay expenses and share with our staff in the form of Safeway gift certificates!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


It could have been tempting in a year like 2020 to ignore facility maintenance for the year and just make do with the exercise equipment that we have.  Instead we took this opportunity to hire Daren as CSR/plant manager and immediately began to attack many small maintenance items as well as larger upgrades including installation of new LED exterior/parking lot lighting, installation of combination locks in the locker rooms, and replacement of the defective Myzone TV on the west wall.   We’re currently in the process of installing an outdoor security camera system. In the last several weeks, we’ve upgraded new cardio equipment which include two Matrix Ascent trainers and a Precor treadmill (located in Studio Z).  We've also ordered new strength equipment as we gear up for some exciting programming changes scheduled for February 1st! (stay tuned and watch for your email inbox for more info)


Despite the continued issues with Covid-19 in Shasta County, we’re very excited as we move into the new year.  We anticipate that private training (our #1 service), and small group personal training will be in high demand as people seek to become fit and healthy while still avoiding large groups.  For this reason, we’re preparing to refresh and relaunch our Squad Training (small group training) in February with plans to greatly expand it.  


We can’t conclude our look back without expressing our excitement with our newly assembled team!  As you know, the pandemic led to a nearly complete turnover in our staff!  We have reassembled an excellent team which includes new trainers Amity King, Jacob Rude, Melissa Ballard, and Brittany Plummer, as well as new support staff Daren Milionis, Andrew Hawley, and Omar Leal.  Be sure to check out the profile pictures of the staff recently hung on the entry wall!


With the addition of Brittany and her boxing expertise to our team, we’re seeing a resurgence of interest in fitness boxing.   We introduced several short-term boxing classes in December and are now introducing on-going youth and adult boxing squads.  We expect that Team Training will continue to be popular but challenging for several more months as we wrestle with a balance between class times, class sizes, and the increased expense of offering more classes to significantly fewer TT members.


Regarding nutrition and supplementation, we all know how important that a proper diet is in making transformational physical changes.  We’ve felt a nutritional void in our services since we decided to drop Precision Nutrition over a year ago.  We’d like to bring in an exciting new program this year and we are getting closer to making this important selection.  


Supplements are also an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  Since the pandemic hit, we’ve heard a lot about the importance of basic supplements like zinc and vitamin D.  This year we plan to increase our focus on member education of the benefits of the supplements that we consider foundational.  We’ve limited our supplements to two high-quality companies making it simple for members to select your vitamins and other supplements without confusing trips to the vitamin store.  We’d love it if you’d support Adamson’s by purchasing supplements with us! 


With the facility looking great going into 2021, we’d like to continue the improvements this year with a new on-demand hot water system, a new front yard landscape, and new Wi-Fi thermostats.  Of course, plant management expenditures are often decided for you by the unexpected!  New equipment is the fun part – I happen to be an equipment junkie!  Topping my current mental list (it changes frequently!) is a climber machine, a 2-3 ski ergs, and a few more Olympic bars.  


So where does that leave us?  There’s good news and not-so-good news.  The not-so-good news in that operational costs continue to rise, and Covid has taken a toll on our revenue and membership numbers (down about 50 members).  Over 30% of gyms and studios are expected to close permanently.  The good news is that we have no plans to be part of that group!  


Here's our positive outlook for 2021:

  • We have a great staff in place.
  • We’ve been careful with our finances.
  • We’re not in the Bay Area or LA getting shut down constantly.
  • We have amazing members!
  • Private and small group personal training should be in high demand.
  • Our facility and equipment are in very good shape!
  • If this pandemic ever ends, we may see an explosion in the fitness industry!


Thanks again members, for helping make Adamson’s a special place.  I thank God for helping us to get through this last year in great shape.  As a staff we wish you all a fit, healthy, happy New Year as we each strive to look, feel, and move better! 


Lift Heavy Stuff,

Joe Adamson, MA

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