Suggestion Box

Suggestion Box

Suggestion Box

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve done a suggestion box blog!  For 2021 I’m going to try to get back into the habit.  Here goes with some suggestions and comments that we’ve received in the last 3-6 months:


Suggestion: Please label the bench press bars with their weight.  I can never remember.  Olympic bars are a standard weight of 45 lbs.  There is one women’s bar in the gym which is 35 lbs.  You’ll know if you grab it because the circumference is smaller.  The trap bar (diamond shape) is 55 lbs.  In the future we’ll probably get color-coded bars for easier reference.


Comment: I really like having 6:00 AM TT on Tuesday/Thursday and every weekday!  We plan to do this again for the month of January.  We have some exciting changes coming up in February which may take the Team Training back to MWF at 6 AM.


Suggestion: 5:15 AM class MWF please!  Our scheduling is based on: 

1) Trainer availability, 

2) Member participation, 

3) Space availability.

4) Budget.  

We’ve run the 5:15 for the last couple months in order to promote social distancing but typically we’d need at least 10 members/class in order to show need for a class.  We plan to run the 5:15 on Tuesday/Thursday only in January but will keep a close eye on it and increase the frequency if there is demand and an available trainer.  


Suggestion: Lightweight cropped hoodies for the ladies!  Yes, that would be cool!  Seems like we’re always slow to get sweatshirts – sorry!  No guarantees this year, but we’ll see. 


Suggestion: Tank tops!  Ok, we’ll consider tanks on our next order.


Suggestion: Can you get men’s size small t-shirts?  Some women actually like men’s shirts way more than women’s t’s.  Yep, we can do that too. 


Suggestion: Joe, thank you for creating an amazing workout environment.  I have never in my life been so excited to come workout before.  I suggest you keep the gym open until you absolutely cannot.  This is by far one of the cleanest, if not the cleanest gym in the area!  This place has been essential in my rehab and reconstruction.  Cody and I have a great time and work very hard.  This gym has created a great relationship between us two.  Please keep Adamson’s open!!!  Thanks so much for the compliment!  We’re trying to keep the gym a safe, clean, inspirational place to train!  


Comment: A few of the songs are yelling at me. Yeah, I know what you mean.  I don’t like those either.  Last year I believe that we made some good strides on our music improvement when we assigned one of the trainers to put together playlists.  It’s challenging to put together motivating music which will appeals to many of the clients, has the right tempo, is free of offensive words and phrases, and doesn’t yell at you!  We’ll keep working on it!


Suggestion: I noticed there is not many abdominal machines.  If possible, perhaps a decline crunch bench or other ab machines in the future.  Yes, I think it’d be good to have another ab piece or two.  Have you integrated the TRX into your ab routines?  There are some great movements for the core that you can do with the TRX, sliders, ab rollers, Bosu trainers, and the physio balls.  Be sure to integrate plenty of planks, throw in some contralateral resisted work with the superbands, and one of my favorites - rotational work with cables.


Suggestion: I love your team training classes, but I have vulnerable-health family members, so I don’t feel comfortable coming in when our county is red and purple.  I don’t like the idea of limiting class sizes, though. Is that a possible thing to keep on board, setting a limit for class sizes depending on what color tier the county is in?  We’ve tried to avoid asking our clients to go online and sign up for classes.  It is something we could do, and other gyms obviously do.  This procedure would be effective in making sure that classes were never larger than desired. However, what we decided to do instead was to temporarily increase the number of classes.  This has effectively driven the clients per class down to about eight or less.  The problem with this model is that it can be costly; and, because it is unpredictable, we still occasionally get an oversized class.


Suggestion: Would be nice to mix up the warm-up and cooldown at the 5:15 PM class.  (Love Amity’sSaturday class.)  I think that’s a great idea – we’ll work on doing that.


We love hearing from you and welcome your feedback!

-Joe Adamson 


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