What is Squad?

What is Squad?

Squad Training at Adamson’s Peak Performance – What Is It?

Beginning February 8th, Adamson’s will be re-launching our Squad Training in a new larger, more flexible format!  Squad Training, otherwise known as small group personal training, has been a growing trend in the fitness industry for several years.  It has been shown to be very effective in helping members get great results without the price tag of private training.  Additionally, Squad Training offers benefits such as peer accountability, group camaraderie, and scheduling flexibility!  

Typically done in groups sizes ranging from 4 to 10, we’ve chosen six as our maximum class size.  We feel that limiting each workout to six members will allow us to focus on each member during the workout while keeping the member’s monthly fee affordable.  Fifteen to twenty sessions will be offered throughout the week allowing squad members the flexibility to more easily schedule their weekly workouts.

At Adamsons we believe that strength training is foundational to every adult’s exercise regimen; and that personal training is an ideal way to effectively, efficiently, and safely get it done.  Consequently, we will be dedicating most of the workout time to strength training using barbells, trap bars, kettlebells, dumbbells, cables, TRX suspension trainers, sleds, and body weight movements. 

Workouts, which will be 45-50 minutes long, will begin with a dynamic warm-up, move to 3 supersets comprised of 2-3 exercises each, and typically conclude with a heart-thumping finisher.  Workouts will be rotated throughout the week with routine A on Monday/Tuesday, routine B on Wednesday/Thursday, and routine C on Friday and Saturday.  Routines, which will be designed by Jordan Atwell, will be repeated each week for the entire month.  This will allow for gradual weekly progression – something that we feel is critical for increasing muscle and strength.

Coaching is the most crucial component of Squad Training; and is really the primary ingredient making it different from Team Training.  Coaches will teach proper form, monitor progress, offer encouragement and motivation, and assist with optimal progression.  Additionally, the coach will implement regressions and progressions of the exercises as needed in order to tailor the workout to each person.  Each member is encouraged to progress at his/her own rate and is not expected to compete with the other members.

Lastly, we’ll be offering our current members a very low-cost opportunity to sample this exciting new refreshed program for 30 days!  We look forward to getting you pumped!

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