Squad vs. Team, What’s the difference?

Squad vs. Team, What’s the difference?

Well, we are one week into our refreshed and expanded Squad Training program and it is going great!  I would encourage everyone to give it a try for a month and put on a couple pounds of muscle while you reduce inches!  We’re offering a 30-day trial for our members at a greatly reduced price – see front desk for details.

You may be wondering what makes Squad Training different from Team Training.  Well, a lot of things.  The table below should clarify the differences.

Squad Training                                                  Team Training

Small Group (3-6)                                              Large Group (8-25)

Strength Emphasis                                            Cardiovascular Emphasis

Builds Muscle and Strength                               Burns Calories, Cardio/Muscle Endurance

Repetition Based                                               Time Based

Self-Paced, Go at Your Own Speed                  Timer-Paced, Start and Stop with the Class

Rest Periods for Muscle Recovery                    Limited Rest Periods Push the Heart Rate

Trainer Coaches the individuals                        Trainer Guides and Fires Up the Class

Individual Regressions and Progressions         Limited Individualization

Low/Medium Volume Music                              Music-Driven

Monthly Workouts Integrate Progression          Daily Workouts – No Progression

Workout Sheet Tracking (if desired)                  No Workout Tracking 

Use of Additional Strength Equipment              Utilizes Functional Training Equipment

Coaching of Complex Movements                     Easy-to-Learn Functional Exercises


For best results combine Squad Training and Team Training!  I would suggest 2-3 Squad Training workouts/week and 1-2 Team Training workouts for a total of 4-5 weekly workouts.  The Squad vs Team workouts will feel quite different which should help make your training more interesting.  Combining strength training (Squad) and metabolic conditioning (Team Training) with a good nutrition plan will result in rapid, noticeable results!  You’re gonna like the way you look, feel, and move!


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