Suggestion Box

Suggestion Box

Suggestion: Please get 1-2 more TRX 20 lb. slam balls.  We miss the 20’s.  Yes!  We’ll work on getting those ordered!


SuggestionHave trainers reiterate what muscle that we’re working.  Yes, it’s beneficial to know what you’re working – particularly if you’re trying to isolate specific muscles.  Most of the exercises that we use are multi-joint movements that will work multiple muscle group in the same movement.  These exercises tend to give you more bang for your effort and deliver greater functional strength gain.  Consequently, there has been a trend for several years to categorize exercises by the type of movement, i.e., squat, hinge, rotation, horizontal push, vertical pull, etc.  That said, it is still very beneficial to know what muscle is being worked!


 Suggestion: Remind us to exhale on exertion motion.  Exhalation upon exertion (usually the concentric phase of the muscle contraction) is the typical technique used when lifting weights.  I think that it becomes more important/beneficial as the intensity and weight being lifted increases.  I particularly try to avoid breath holding when lifting heavy weights.  It’s my understanding that holding your breath under heavy exertion can lead to spiked blood pressure and greater chance of harm to your body.  As a rule, exhale during the more difficult, concentric phase of an exercise and inhale during the eccentric phase while minimizing breath holding. 


Suggestion: Political literature should be kept out of personal training sign in/activity area.  I’m not aware of the literature in question so I can’t directly respond to this suggestion.  That said, we seek to be the best part of our member’s day, every day; and to be a sanctuary from the stresses and pressures of our member’s lives.  Seldom are we going to agree politically so I feel that it’s typically better for us to be a respite from political conversation.  

We have a bulletin board at the front of the gym where members are permitted to post upcoming events once the poster/flyer is cleared.  Use of the bulletin board would be more appropriate than setting political materials in the social area or training areas.  I’m also considering beginning to post my own political opinions on my personal blog at    

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