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Being Fit and Healthy Has Never Been More Important!

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Being Fit and Healthy Has Never Been More Important!

Hey Peak Freaks!  As a fitness professional I’ve been promoting the health and fitness lifestyle for the last 28 years; but I never envisioned a time where being healthy and fit could be so critical to survival!  Covid variants, smoke inhalation, escalating crime, unvetted illegals coming across the southern border, weather weapons, 5G, and many more dangers, threaten our health daily!

Not only do we need supercharged immune systems to help protect us from viruses and diseases, but we also need the strength and cardiovascular fitness to run, resist, or even fight if threatened or attacked on the street or in our homes.  Some of the beneficial supplements that I’ve recently heard suggested by medical experts include zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, and quercetin.  We carry all four of these important supplements at Adamsons.  I take them daily along with several other supplements including a multi-vitamin, vitamin b complex, omega 3, and a probiotic.  I suggest stocking up with a 3-month supply of the supplements that you use, as supply-chain shortages have already begun and are predicted to become much worse.

Speaking of stocking up, I’d suggest stocking up on toilet paper, food, water, batteries, medications, and other daily necessities.  I’d recommend a 3–6-month supply of food with an absolute minimum of a 30-day food stash.  While you’re at it, be sure to have extra cash on hand, pick up a water filter, and consider a generator for short-term power outages.

Getting back to the subject of health maintenance, make sure that you get plenty of sleep and exercise!  I realize this goes without saying but it never hurts to be reminded - especially with Covid variants spreading like wildfire and getting people VERY sick!  Over the years I’ve noticed that lack of sleep is directly correlated to getting colds and bugs.  Personally, I like to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

Dr. Zelenko, the physician who successfully treated President Trump when he had Covid, has developed a Z-stack supplement which combines the four supplements listed above.  You may want to listen to the fascinating interview in the link below for more information on how to successfully battle Covid-19 should you become infected.  Self-treatment when you first begin to feel symptoms seems to be very important!  

Click here to Watch the video

Stay well Peak Freaks!  Be sure to watch the video! 

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