Top 3 Benefits of Squad Training

Top 3 Benefits of Squad Training

Squad training is our group training offering here at Adamson's Peak Performance. Although we also offer access membership as well as personal training, we take a lot of pride in our Squads. We believe we separate ourselves from any other group training in town by how we structure and approach it. Through Squad we deliver a small group setting, full-body strength and conditioning program. Working alongside other determined individuals, you will be led by our certified trainers through strategically programmed workouts designed to build muscle while increasing strength and functionality to enjoy life to the fullest!

3 Reasons why Squad is a great option for you:

1) Small Group Setting - Studies have shown that those who workout with a workout partner or in a group setting have a significantly higher success rate on their fitness journey.  The group setting provides accountability, support, and motivation needed to sustain success long term. The benefits of keeping the group smaller (in Squad, 10 people or less per session) means that you will feel more connected with the group as a whole while also allowing for more one on one attention from the trainer (we'll dive more into that below). 

2) Professional Training - Our Squad sessions are led by a handful of our Certified Personal Trainers. They will guide you through each workout teaching you proper technique, tailoring all aspects to you individually, and providing encouragement and support along the way. As mentioned above, having 10 people or less in a group allows the trainer to give the proper attention and engagement needed to each individual. No more getting lost in the crowd. We're all built differently and at different stages in our fitness journey. That means we shouldn't all necessarily be approaching a specific exercise or workout the same way. Having a trainer in tune with each individual in class and having the ability to properly adjust aspects of the workout as needed allows all members in the group to experience the most success possible.

3) Strategic Programming - Have you ever walked into the gym and have no idea what to do or how to do it? If so, you're far from alone. Many people come to the gym day in and day out winging it as they go. Even if they know how to use the equipment, they have no idea what exercises to do, how often to do them, etc. A favorite quote of ours, "Failing to plan, is planning to fail." From our experience, a vast majority of gym goers "fail" because they have no plan. It's a guessing game. Squad takes the guess work out of the equation, providing you with thoughtfully programmed workouts each day, week, month. The program as a whole is something that has been strategically put together to lead you to sustainable success. 


Join in on what we believe is the best group training in town by trying a FREE WEEK! Bring a family member or friend to try it with you free as well! After all, this is GROUP training. Click on our Squad page link below and select the "join now" option to input your information, securing your free week.

Squad Training

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