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  • Small Group Training

    Small Group Training

    There are many different types of training styles. Steady state cardio, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), strength training, etc. While each style has its benefits, those benefits differ. After years of studying and experimenting in the different styles of training, we believe that a program with a foundation in strength training (aka resistance training) is the most optimal for overall health. That said, in our Squad Training (small group training) we have built just that. With progressive strength training and coaching to help meet you where you are currently at, Squad provides you the tools to look and feel better than you ever have before! You're only ....

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  • Top 3 Benefits of Squad Training

    Top 3 Benefits of Squad Training

    Squad training is our group training offering here at Adamson's Peak Performance. Although we also offer access membership as well as personal training, we take a lot of pride in our Squads. We believe we separate ourselves from any other group training in town by how we structure and approach it. Through Squad we deliver a small group setting, full-body strength and conditioning program. Working alongside other determined individuals, you will be led by our certified trainers through strategically programmed workouts designed to build muscle while increasing strength and functionality to enjoy life to the fullest! 3 Reasons why Squad is a great option for you: 1) ....

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