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Take On A Total-Body Workout With Our Group Fitness Classes in Redding

At Adamson's Peak Performance, we're helping men and women of all fitness levels find success. Our Group Fitness Classes offer hands-on coaching and a total-body system that can be scaled to meet your unique goals and fitness level.

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Coached by Adamson’s Peak Performance personal trainers, these large group metabolic workouts will help you gain strength, lose inches and take your cardiovascular fitness to new levels! For your convenience, twenty-two, 40 minute interval-training classes are spread throughout the week with no pre-registration necessary! In addition to alternating cardio versus strength emphasis, six different movement patterns are rotated daily giving each workout a specific objective.

Group Fitness near Redding

Why Is Our Team Training System Right For You?

Our Group Fitness Classes are structured to ensure that everyone can enjoy hands-on coaching and a unique approach to improved health and wellness. Our Fitness Training sessions are designed to challenge you with total-body workouts and a focus on producing long-lasting results.

Expected benefits to this HIIT-style training include:

  • Greater Mobility and flexibility
  • Increased functional strength
  • Improved cardiovascular endurance
  • Reduced body fat and inches
  • Enhanced self confidence

Group Fitness near Redding

So, How Does It Work?

At Adamson's Peak Performance, we rely on functional strength and multi-joint movements combined with high-energy circuit training in our team training to help you get a safe, fun, effective and time-efficient workout. Our Fitness Training program can keep you guessing week after week with a dynamic mix of movement patterns such as Hinge and Push, Squat and Pull, Lunge and Rotate, and so much more.

Our team is dedicated to your success and we'll be there every step of the way to help you stay motivated, accountable, and injury-free on the path to long-lasting success.

Come see us today for:

  • Professional coaching and instruction
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Unlimited classes each week

Group Fitness near Redding

Our interactive MyZone heart rate system provides immediate individualized feedback regarding intensity and calories burned; and rewards participants with effort points based upon World Health Organization standards. Use Team Training as a stand-alone program or combine it with personal training for maximum effectiveness and results! Team Training Memberships also include an Access Membership and unlimited Fit3D body scanning.

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If you're looking for a better way to train, look no further. Our Group Fitness Classes here at Adamson's Peak Performance in Redding can help you get the very most out of your body and build confidence in yourself like never before. We are proud to work with people of all ages and experience levels.

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