New Squad Training Format to Roll out February 1st! We have an exciting new change coming to Adamson’s Peak Performance in early February. We will be upgrading and relaunching Squad Training (small group personal training) as our primary service! Our premier-level private training, our fast-paced metabolic Team Training workouts, and our Basic gym-access memberships will still be available for current and new members – no major changes!


We believe that a strategic shift to Squad Training as our program of choice, is the right choice for many reasons:


· Personal training has always been what Adamson’s is about - so dialing-in and strongly promoting small group personal training makes total sense.


· Small group personal training allows the trainer to focus on everyone in his group. Fitness level, progression, injuries concerns, and stat tracking are all addressed.


· Small group personal training makes personal training affordable to a larger number of people and allows someone with a smaller fitness budget to consider long-term personal training.


· Small group personal training brings camaraderie into the PT session and promotes group accountability.


· The pandemic has made it very difficult for large group training programs to be executed cost effectively and safely. Small group personal training is a natural alternative.


· The strength-focused workouts common to small group training are foundational for 35-65-year-olds who will make up a large percentage of the program’s participants.


· Small group personal training goes hand-in-glove with Team Training. Small group provides a superior strength workout, while Team Training provides an amazing metabolic workout.


In my next post I’ll explain the benefits of small group personal training (Squad Training), who it is ideally suited for, and why you're going to love it!


In the meantime, keep lifting heavy stuff!


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