Does Covid-19 pose a risk to your health and fitness?

Does Covid-19 pose a risk to your health and fitness?

I've avoided this topic for a long time because it's a controversial one.  Actually, I wish that I'd jumped on it much sooner because I believe that this conversation is critically important and lives are at stake!  Since this is my blog, an opinion piece, I'm not going to list the hundreds of sources available.  You can take this information with a grain of salt if you wish - I wouldn't recommend it.

Covid-19 was a planned bio-weapon.  It was patented back around 2001. The vaccines are all experimental and are not true vaccines at all.  At this point, they are all experimental and are not FDA approved.  The long-term effects that the vaccines will have on the body are not fully known.  There is a large list of known/expected harmful outcomes including heart problems, blood clots, strokes, sterility, brain damage (something similar to Mad Cow Disease) and many others!

We have two very inexpensive treatments for Covid - Hydroxychloroquine, and Ivermectin that have been shown to help patients recover rapidly from Covid.  These were known to be effective treatments for Covid-19 years before the plandemic, but their beneficial effects were hidden in order to ussur in the "need" for harmful vaccines.  The vaccines serve to put billions of dollars into the pockets of big pharma, and to bring harm on the unsuspecting population.   After all, who would have thought that the medical entities that are supposed to protect us would be seeking to do us harm.  
We now know that the vaccines are causing injury and death to hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting people.  Within the United States alone, the deaths from vaccinations may be approaching a half million. The government is trying to force people to get the vaccination by threatening jobs, travel, and even entry to restaurants!  This is complete tyranny and communism! 
If you've received the jab, then do everything that you can to stay healthy and begin researching what you can do to stay healthy.  Hopefully treatments will come available to help remove the harmful ingredients including the toxic graphene oxide that are in the vaccine.  If you haven't had the vaccine, do not under any circumstances get it until it is completely tested and proven to be safe.  Absolutely do not let your children and grandchildren get vaccinated!

Remember, Covid is typically less severe than the flu and there are known, effective, cheap, and safe treatments that don't require you putting your life at great risk!!!  Ultimately, whether you take the vaccine or not is a personal decision.  Do NOT allow others to pressure you.  If you have to lose your job, then LOSE it!  If you can't travel on a plane - so what! 

Stay safe Peak Freaks.

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